Solar Powering Services

In addition to its water treatment and drilling services, EXOWATER also offers cutting-edge solar power solutions for its clients. The company’s solar power services include:


System Design

EXOWATER provides expert design services to help clients create a customized solar power system that meets their specific needs. This includes considering factors such as location, energy usage, and budget to ensure that the system is optimized for maximum efficiency and cost savings.


EXOWATER offers professional installation services to ensure that the solar power system is installed correctly and safely. The company's experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.


EXOWATER provides ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the solar power system is functioning properly and delivering the expected results. This may include routine inspections, cleaning, and repairs to keep the system in top condition.


EXOWATER offers monitoring services to help clients track the performance of their solar power system. This may include using advanced software and hardware to track energy production, system efficiency, and other key metrics.


EXOWATER provides upgrade services to help clients expand or enhance their solar power system as their needs change. This may include adding additional panels, upgrading the inverter, or installing new monitoring systems.

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By working with EXOWATER, clients can benefit from a complete solar power solution that is designed, installed, maintained, and monitored by experts. Whether you are looking to power a single building or an entire community, EXOWATER can help you harness the power of the sun and achieve energy independence.