EXOWATER is specialized in sewage lift stations and pumping systems.

What is a lift station?

A lift station is a collection tank for your home, a group of houses, a building, or a facility, equipped with a lifting pump or two. Once the water is collected in the tank, the lifting station will discharge it to the drain, using the level control on each pump (float switch) or permutation of pumps for installations with two pumps. EXOWATER uses grinder or sewage pumps and is able to custom any lift station size.

There are two types of life stations:

Lift station with 1 or 2 pumps

Lift station with 2 pumps are generally used in systems collecting water from several houses, or where water is in large quantities, it is preferable to have a system with permutation of the pumps for waste water, for a greater safety, especially in public places.

There are 2 types of lift station installations:

Lift station and Lift station to be buried


The determination of a lifting station is essentially based on three criteria, namely the lifting height and the lifting length, between the location of the lifting station and the sewer, but also as a function of the liquid In the case of a clear water lift station, a wastewater lifting station, or a water-lifting station (+ WC)

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