Waste water treatment refers to the process of removing contaminants and pollutants from wastewater before it is discharged into the environment. The goal of waste water treatment is to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and to protect public health.

Exowater supplies and installs wastewater treatment plants for individual villas, small residences, hotels or resorts.

EXOWATER offers MBBR technology for bigger systems

Wastewater enters the WWTP site via gravity or lift pump to a wastewater-receiving chamber of in-ground ferroconcrete primary treatment tank. The receiving chamber is equipped with a manually cleaned basket for coarse solids removal. The basket is cleaned by maintenance team Then, wastewater flow by gravity a grit chamber. Accumulated grit is removed from the grit chamber by a service truck. After the grit removal, wastewater enters a settling tank which provides main part suspended solids removal as well as formed sludge accumulation and stabilization in anaerobic conditions. After, wastewater secondary (biological) treatment follows in bioreactor. The biological process is intensive (hydraulic retention time is just 2 hours). Multiple bio zones ensure that an appropriate biological system develops according to the nature of wastewater stream. Once established the process is self-regulating, within the range of design loading specified, and provides a very stable treatment efficiency. The biological process is based on biofilm technology. Biofilm is a dense community of attached-growth microorganisms living on specially designed plastic carriers (media). Having direct contact with wastewater, biofilm absorbs and oxidizes the pollutants thus providing treatment. As the process occurs successively in the isolated chambers, it creates conditions to form and keep trophic interrelations of microorganisms. Interrelations or in another words food chains, where bacterial biomass growth is controlled and regulated by bacteria eating organisms and carnivores, provide a complete mineralization of organics and therefore there is no excess biomass growth.

EXOWATER offers SBR system for small units until 120 PE

How does SBR system works?

1. Charging The wastewater goes first into primary treatment (1st chamber), where the solid substances are retained. From there, the wastewater is fed into the SBR tank (2nd chamber). 2. Aeration The actual biological cleaning by microorganisms now takes place in the SBR tank. Short aeration and rest phases alternate in a controlled cleaning process. The so-called activated sludge can now develop with millions of microorganisms and clean the water thoroughly. 3. Rest phase A rest phase now follows, during which the live sludge sinks to the bottom of the system. This allows a clarified water zone to form at the top of the SBR tank. 4. Clear water extraction The purified wastewater is now fed into a discharge system (stream, river, sea) or into an infiltration system. Afterwards, the sludge is fed back from the SBR tank into the first.

Waste Water Treatment System
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