EXOWATER provides water production (reverse osmosis, cisterns and distribution system) but also all related products to sewage including vacuum pumping station for boat, specific lift stations and more.


Lift Station with 1 or 2 pumps

Lift station with 2 pumps are generally used in systems collecting water from several houses, or where water is in large quantities, it is preferable to have a system with permutation of the pumps for waste water, for a greater safety, especially in public places.

Lift Station to be buried

A buried lift station is an underground wastewater pumping station used in areas where gravity cannot naturally move sewage. The station comprises multiple pumps and a control panel. As sewage reaches a predetermined level in the sump, the pumps activate, raising the waste to a higher elevation. Burial conserves space, blends in with the surroundings, and avoids interfering with pedestrians or vehicles. It's a practical and efficient solution for wastewater handling.

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